10 steps for prevention of your email account from getting hacked

10 Steps For Prevention Of Your Email Account From Getting Hacked

These days, the cases of email hacking are increasing dramatically for enterprises. However, there are lots of anti-viruses but to prevent from hacked one have to use a paid version anti-virus with proper customization of your software setting.

This is 2018, lots of countries got fully digital and most of them growing toward very fast. Nowadays, most entrepreneurs come on the internet because of lots of customer and businesses go on online. Email data has become very valuable compared to earlier. And this data has become more valuable for hacker also.

Every company has a very high level of security software to protect their company online account but they can also be hacked, Even the NASA was hacked once. So, we can’t completely prevent from very expert hacker but prevention can minimize our lost and from the novice hacker. So, it would be to keep some good security setting for our organization and our email account.

When it concerns with your yahoo email account, we are going to suggest you some step to reduce the chances of getting hacked.

#1. Do not any attachment or email which has come from an unknown email address. If you have to then do proper verification and after proper verification, if you realize that that is really useless or malicious then delete immediately.

#2. Never click on the link of unfamiliar email. And never send to any kind personal detail information to the unfamiliar email address. After clicking once and just opening once that link you got hacked.

#3. Always use the paid version of anti-virus with browser security and do the proper setting of your antivirus and update their database regularly and it would be better to set your anti-virus database option at automatic update option.

#4. Always be alert before login to any public pc like cyber café, public library and other place and same as also alert before the use open source Wi-Fi connection

#5. Always be aware of your login credential like login password, secret question, alternate email address etc. Update or change your account password at least 3-4 times in a year and combine your password with upper case, lower case, numeric and special character and keep it lengthy at least 6-8 digits.

#6. Never use others malicious pen drive in your computer without full scan with your antivirus. Sometimes the very dangerous virus remains in others pen drive that will lead your pc data corrupt.

#7. Always use the private browser or incognito mode of browser whenever you have to surf public computer or public open Wi-Fi network.

#8. Enable two-way verification for your email account. Now, this facility gives almost all email service. By this setup you will get one level up security by setting this security you will get every time OTP after login your account with limited time expiry. This will make it harder for anyone to guess your password.

#9.  Never be greedy from any kind of tempting email that you will win the prize of $100000 or anything else and never click on their link and never share with them any kind of personal detail.

#10.  Always use the genuine version of the operating system and keep it on the automatic update that would be very helpful to prevent your system from malicious attack.

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